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What Your Lawn Needs This May

Spring is in full swing! We're going to start spending more time in the yard, but your lawn may need some TLC first. So, let's go over a few things to keep in mind this month when maintaining your lawn.

Fertilization & Weed Control

The grass is growing fast this month, but the weeds are growing faster. Let's go over a few things to do in order to keep your lawn weed-free.

How Should My Weeds Be Treated This Month?

Throughout May and early June: If you have Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centiped grass you will need a balanced fertilizer to get your lawn off to a healthy start and a Pre-emergent herbicide for annual grasses and spring weeds throughout the entire lawn. You'll also need a Post-emergent herbicide to spot spray for any new broadleaf weeds.

Throughout May and early June: If you have fescue grass you'll need a second round of Pre-emergent for annual grasses and spring weeds. You'll also need a Post-emergent for weeds that made it through the first round and a balanced fertilizer for a lush green appearance and healthy roots.

Why Does My Lawn Look Patchy?

Some people during this time of year may be experiencing patchy areas throughout the lawn. Fertilizer is not a solution for every issue in the lawn. It is important to evaluate factors that may be contributing to this issue.

Below is a list of common contributing factors to an area of patchy grass:

  • Trees covering sun-loving Bermuda grass.

  • Hilly areas that don't get enough water due to runoff. If this is the issue it should resolve on its own but these areas may need more watering to help recover.

  • Not scalping the lawn.

  • Not having an aeration done in a while.

  • ph levels are off due to a change in the soil, (lime application can help, but you may need to take a soil sample if this isn't recovered by the summer).

  • Grubs in the lawn.

Treating weeds is not a one-time solution. The more you maintain these weeds, the easier it will be to treat them. At Total Lawn Care we have formulated a 9-step service with a high-quality kid and pet-friendly formulas for a more efficient way to take care of fertilization and weed control. Each step created is to maintain weeds year round and fertilize to promote healthy full grass.

Grub and Ant Control

This year we have seen people having an issue with grubs in the lawn. Grubs are a challenging issue to face and can be difficult to get rid of. Ants may also become a problem this month, so let's go over these insect issues.

What Are Grubs? & Why Are They An Issue?

Grubs are a form of larvae that hibernate in the winter and come out of hibernation in the spring. At this time the grub will begin to eat at the root systems of your grass. This is why you may begin to notice patches of dead grass in the lawn. If that wasn't bad enough, small rodents LOVE eating these grub. Rodents such as moles, skunks, armadillos, and raccoons will dig throughout the lawn in order to reach these grub.

How Do I Know If I Have Grubs In My Lawn?

Most people will begin to notice grubs once animals have begun to start digging holes in the yard. This is why people who live next to a woody area deal with this issue more often than people who don't. It's important to know whether you're dealing with grubs or common challenges such as squirrels digging in the yard. When deciding if you have grubs, it's recommended to call a professional to assess your lawn's situation.

How Do You Solve This Issue?

If you have grubs in the lawn, and rodents digging in the lawn, the best way to resolve this issue is by killing the grubs. By killing the grubs, the rodents will move on to find another food source. Filling in these holes WILL NOT solve this issue. Rodents will continue to dig throughout the lawn if they keep finding grub to eat in the area. The best way to resolve this issue is to have a professional spray the entire lawn to ensure the grub will not be able to return.

Ant Control

Ants begin to come out of hibernation in April. After they begin to search for food, they can become an issue for your lawn as well as your home. Below are a couple of species of ants that are common in the Georgia area and can be found on the lawn :

  • Black Garden Ants. These ants are nonaggressive and naturally very small but powerful in numbers. Due to their small size, they can get into the home through the smallest cracks. These ants live outside on the lawn but will come inside a home in search of food. To get rid of these ants it is very beneficial to spray the outside of the home to prevent them from coming into the house.

  • Fire ants. These ants make large ant mounts in the lawn, typically built-in sunny areas. These ants do not typically come into the house since they prey mostly on other small insects that live in the law. However, these ants have a venom that causes serious pain. when bitten.

The best way to get rid of ants living in the lawn is to have them professionally sprayed. Ants are a species of insects that invade the home easily and can cause severe pain when bitten. If you're dealing with pesky insects in the lawn give us a call!

Bi-Weekly Mowing

This month you'll be seeing a lot more green in your lawn! It is recommended to mow your lawn every other week in the spring.

Real customer with real results

How Should My Lawn Be Mowed This Month?

During the spring it's recommended to cut the lawn twice a month in order to maintain the law. This month most grass types should be cut one and a half inches to one and three-quarters of an inch high.

How Should My Lawn Be Watered This Month?

At this time of the year the lawn should be watered to promote a healthy lawn. During May you should water the lawn two times a week for twenty to thirty minutes a watering. For hilly areas that deal with water runoff, the area should be watered two to three times a week for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Preferably you'll want an inch of water on the lawn a week. It's important to look at the weather to ensure you do not mistakenly waste any water.

What Should I Look Out For This Month?

With more rain and insects coming out of hibernation, this month you should keep an eye out for funguses and insects that may be getting in the yard. Above we talked more about insects that have been present this May. If you're having any issues with fungus and or insects give us a call!

TLC Package

If you live around the Winder Ga area and don't want to worry about what you need to do for your lawn each month, then our TLC Program is for you. With this service, your yard is taken care of every week year-round. Our team of professionals will maintain your lawn by providing mowing, fertilization, weed control, and all of our special one-time services.

Real customer with real results

This month our TLC customers will receive everything they need to maintain their lawn this May. Our TLC program will include the following this month:

  • Weekly mowing

  • Edging

  • Weed Eating 

  • Blowing

  • A balanced fertilizer, a Pre-emergent herbicide for annual grasses and spring weeds, and a Post-emergent herbicide for any new broadleaf weeds.

  • Shrub Trimming as needed

  • Bedding Maintenance as needed

  • Tree Limbing as needed

  • Ant Mound control as needed

Call or contact us today to get a free quote!

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