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What Your Lawn Needs This February

Spring is right around the corner. Fresh flowers and grass will soon be here. Let's make sure your lawn is prepared for the new season!

Mulch Installation

Why should I get mulch?

Mulch is a broad term used for a collective material that creates a barrier between the surface and soil of a bedding area. All mulches are used for the same purposes.

The Benefits Of Mulch:

  • It is decorative and adds to the aesthetic of the home.

  • It is one of the best ways to prevent weeds from growing in bedding.

  • Helps water retention and keeps an even amount of water in the soil.

  • Helps with plant growth.

  • Regulates soil temperature.

  • Depending on the type of mulch, it can add nutrients to the soil.

Which form of mulch is best for my landscape bedding?

Many forms of mulch are used in bedding, however, at Total Lawn Care we offer Grade A colored mulch that is used in most home landscapes. This is a popular mulch used in landscape bedding for many reasons.

Below are some of the reasons why you'll want Colored Mulch in your bedding:

  • It's an organic option mulch, meaning it will decompose and add to the nutrients within the soil.

  • It does not need fabric underneath the layer of mulch.

  • It's one of the best mulches to help prevent the growth of weeds.

  • Easier to maintain than other mulch types.

  • Easier to move when planting new plants.

  • The shredded style of this Grade A mulch holds together nicely on slopes and under wet conditions.

  • This mulch helps with water retention and keeps an even amount of water in the soil.

  • It helps regulate soil temperatures.

  • It is the only mulch that comes in different colors. There are three different color options including black, brown, and red. This will add a lot to the aesthetic of your home.

  • The dies used on this mulch are completely safe and made from natural nontoxic chemicals.

  • The color lasts longer than any other mulch.

  • The mulch has been hardened and aged. This is good because new mulch-like arborist chips are fresh and take the nutrients away from the plants within bedings.


9-Step Fertilization & Weed Control

Why should I fertilize and control the weeds in my lawn?

Weeds have no positive effect on your lawn. They spread very easily by killing the grass. Some weeds are more harmful than others and can be dangerous for kids and pets. It's better to get rid of any weeds in your lawn as soon as you can, but that can be difficult without professional help.

Why Should I Get Professionals To Take Care of My Fertilization & Weed Control?

Fertilization and weed control is a service that is essential for your lawn's health. It can be very easy for weeds to completely take over your lawn without regular proper maintenance. However, taking care of weeds can get tricky. To take care of any weeds in your lawn, you must understand the different grass types and weed variations. Once you have figured out your grass type and can identify the different weeds growing in your lawn, you need to select the right chemicals, along with this you must apply the correct amount and on a scheduled routine.

We understand this process can be complicated, and that is why at Total Lawn Care we have provided a service so experienced licensed professionals can take care of the problem for you. Our 9-Step Fertilization and Weed Control Program is satisfaction-oriented. We have a schedule best sooted to eliminate weeds in your lawn, however, if some stubborn weed(s) decides to continue growing between treatments we will come back to spot spray the area.

Why Should I Start My 9-Step Fertilization and Weed Control Service Now?

February is the best time to put down a post-emergent to kill any weeds that have grown during winter. During this application, a pre-emergent is also applied to the lawn to stop any future weeds from germinating. This is the first step in our program and it's better not to get behind. If this application is not done, you may have an abundance of weeds that grow within the next couple of months. If you can stop the weed from growing before it has germinated, it will make it easier to maintain them later in the season.


Winter Cutback

What are winter cutbacks?

January and February are the times of year to make sure all the perennials, decorative grasses, rose bushes, crape myrtles, and all the shrubs are cut back to size. These plants need to be cut back in the winter for optimal growth in the upcoming spring season. There is also less stress on the plant when cutting it in the winter, and it's more manageable to shape the plant at this time. If you want beautiful landscape beds this spring now is the time to act. 

Total Lawn Care is proud to offer winter cutbacks. Here at Total Lawn Care, we have all the equipment and expertise to cut back or reshape your plants so your landscape beds are not grown or out of control this coming spring.

Winter cutbacks and the 9-Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program are some of the many services provided within our TLC Package. If you want your lawn to look at its best all year round, then the TLC program is the best investment you can make for your yard. There is a lot more to a lawn than just the grass. Why do the labor yourself when you can have expert service on your lawn weekly.

Click the button below to check out all the services this package has to offer.

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