1. Signs That It’s Time to Fertilize

    Your lawn requires some very routine and serious treatments in order for it to remain healthy and alive. From a proper watering system to the nutrients that your grass needs in order to thrive, you really have to have a good understanding of what your lawn needs in order to provide it. At Total Lawn…Read More

  2. What a Clean Lawn Says About Your Company

    As the owner of a company, one of the main things that you have to worry about is what people are saying about your brand and the services or products that you offer. The world is full of critics that will tell give you their opinion regardless of if you want it or not. At Total Lawn Care, we take p…Read More

  3. Reasons Weeds Sprout

    In a survey of homeowners with yards, weeds were the most common part of yard work that people hated to do. When you really think about it, is it that surprising that this was the main result? Weeds sprout up randomly throughout our yard in the middle of the summer, which requires us to spend hours …Read More

  4. Total Lawn Care Reviews | What People Are Saying

    Our motto is that we want to help you take the work out of yard work here at Total Lawn Care. Located in Winder, GA, we proudly service our communities Lawrence and Athens as well as the surrounding area. We call ourselves the lawn care experts here, and that isn’t some title that we’ve lightly …Read More

  5. Caring for a Yard That’s Dead

    Here in Winder, it’s not uncommon to see a brown patch in a yard, or maybe even an entire yard that is lacking beautiful green grass. While it is more common that we might like to see, the truth is that you don’t have to settle for a dead lawn. At Total Lawn Care, we do everything that we can to…Read More

  6. Common Weeds You’ll Find in Your Yard

    Weeding is one of the most dreaded ways that you could spend your weekend, but it’s one that almost everyone has to do. The downside to weeding is that there are so many different types of weeds it can be hard to know whether or not the leaves that you’re seeing sprout up from your yard are due …Read More

  7. Tips For Watering Your Yard

    Here in Larenceville , the summer heat can be unbearable. While you could definitely settle for a nice brown patch of grass as a yard, we highly doubt that that’s what you want. One of the main causes that leads to a brown lawn is a lack of watering, and at times, too much watering. If that’s th…Read More

  8. Services that All Commercial Lawns Need

    As the owner of a business, you’ve probably got quite a few things on your plate so that you can create a reputable image and come off to people as the professional that you are. One thing that can become a little bit tricky is the tedious lawn care that can pile up on your commercial space. At To…Read More

  9. What Fertilizer Does to Your Yard

    As professionals of lawn care, we have done our best to constantly find ways to improve the care of your yard. From the procedures that we complete to the products that we use on your yard, we really do have the best interest of your lawn care in mind. One of the things that people are always talkin…Read More

  10. Weeding Myths We’ve Debunked

    I have yet to encounter an individual that is passionate about weeding. Having a weed free yard is one thing, but the actual work that it takes to remove weeds from a yard is an entirely new story. The overall thing is pretty tedious, but it’s time consuming and requires hours in the sun that can …Read More